23rd Sep, 2008

NestWorth To Offer Service in the Portland and Seattle

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Graham Williams, President of NestWorth, Inc. announced plans to expand the current markets they service in California to include two additional markets, Portland and Seattle. 

Both EquityKey and REX & Co. are currently servicing these markets. Each company offers programs complimenting different layers of the market so the entry of NestWorth adds more opportunity for seniors to receive cash now for the future equity in their homes.

More information on NestWorth:

For senior homeowners who want to access the net worth in their home, NestWorth is an attractive alternative to selling, downsizing, traditional home financing or reverse mortgages. NestWorth provides the power of choice to senior homeowners by providing substantial monthly payments without debt or interest. NestWorth also allows seniors to participate in the increase in the value of their homes and remain in their homes for the rest of their lives.

Please contact Equity Options USA for additional information. 

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We are now closing trasactions in our San Francisco Bay Area fund. This fund allows for a limited number of transactions in Portland and Seattle. By the way, our most recent closing took place just 20 days after we recieved the completed application.

Mr. Williams (president of NestWorth),
Your ability to close a transaction in 20 days is amazing. Other competitors need 60 to 120 days for a closing. Who is your best customer and what is the best way for customers to engage your services?

If you are willing to buy a car, you would have to receive the home loans. Moreover, my sister always uses a college loan, which is really fast.

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