2nd Sep, 2008

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Re: EquityKey: Unlocking the Future Value of Your Home TodayTM

Would you consider selling 50% of the future equity of your home, land or commercial real estate if we paid you cash…today? And, the current equity/value of your property will be yours to keep.  

EquityKey may purchase your future equity if you are a qualified owner.  The program is straight forward and is subject to applicable terms and conditions. 

How You Would Qualify: At least one owner must:

  • Be 65-85 years old
  • Owe less then 80% of the home’s value
  • Have at least one property value/equity worth $350K+
  • Be in good health (no Type 1 diabetes, no smokers, no recent bouts with cancer and no uncontrolled high blood pressure or severe cardiac issues.) 

   Who is EquityKey?

  • Owned by KBC Financial Products, a subsidiary of Belgium-based KBC bank NV
  • Managing an estimated 450 billion in assets, 11 million customers in 30 countries
  • Focused on working with private clients  

   What are the Benefits?

  • Each qualified owner can receive cash equal to 10-15% of the property value
  • No closing cost are involved – just a simple application fee (refundable if not qualified or when the program funds)
  • Funds are NOT a loan. (This is NOT a reverse mortgage)  

We will be happy to answer your questions regarding this opportunity.  Please contact David H. Schwartz, (877) 777-4727 or e-mail me using David@EquityOptionsUSA.com  

Warm Regards, 

David H. Schwartz
Click On Link To See Video =======================> EquityKey Introduction
EquityKey Introduction
Click On Link To See Video ======================> EquityKey How It Works? 
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EquityKey looks like a great product! Free cash today for future appreciation which may or may not be there!

You are right. You do get the cash today for an equity that may or may not ever happen. I have studied the numbers and found that Equitykey is taking a lot of risk. The fact that they are owned by a bank, KBC, say a lot about their stability.

Let me know when you are ready to take the next steps. It will only require a small deposit to go forward.

Warm Regards,
David H. Schwartz

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