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Equity Options USA launched in 2008 under the guidance of real estate broker/investor David H. Schwartz. David’s 12 years of experience as managing broker for successful real estate ventures has exceeded $100,000,000 in values. His experience covers many disciplines including, brokerage operations for lending, residential, and commercial real estate. 

The down-turn in real estate that has gripped the nation since 2007 has motivated David to find emerging areas in the real estate industry that hold potential for high velocity growth. The “cash for future equity” category that is emerging with companies like EquityKey®, NestWorth® and REX & Co.® will be that niche. David believes that “cash and chicken soup heals all wounds” and that real estate owners of residential, land or commercial real estate will “jump at the chance to have cash for their future equity”. 

Equity Options USA was created to guide real estate owners to this new and emerging market.  Since this is a new concept, owners may require guidance in selecting the best resources.  Although the programs offered have the same outcome, and real estate owners receive cash for future equity, the details of these programs are vastly different.  

Making owners aware of our services will give them the advantage of matching the best possible options with their specific needs. A personal review of these resources will assist owners in making the most informed decision possible.  

Over the next few years, more companies will be offering “cash for future equity” making the need for our services imperative. Your decision to move forward with Equity Options USA should be driven by our commitment to guide you to the best resources and our ability to deliver results.


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