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Re: EquityKey: Unlocking the Future Value of Your Home TodayTM

Would you consider selling 50% of the future equity of your home, land or commercial real estate if you were paid cash…today? And, the current equity/value of your property will be yours to keep.  

EquityKey may purchase your future equity if you are a qualified owner.  The program is straight forward and is subject to applicable terms and conditions. 

How You Would Qualify: At least one owner must:

  • Be 65-85 years old
  • Owe less then 80% of the home’s value
  • Have at least one property value/equity worth $350K+
  • Be in good health (no Type 1 diabetes, no smokers, no recent bouts with cancer and no uncontrolled high blood pressure or severe cardiac issues.) 

   Who is EquityKey?

  • Owned by KBC Financial Products, a subsidiary of Belgium-based KBC bank NV
  • KBC manages an estimated 450 billion in assets, 11 million customers in 30 countries
  • KBC is focused on working with private clients  

   What are the Benefits?

  • Each qualified owner can receive cash equal to 10-15% of the property value
  • No closing cost are involved – just a simple application fee (refundable if not qualified or when the program funds)
  • Funds are NOT a loan. (This is NOT a reverse mortgage)  

Equity Options USA is a Certified EquityKey Broker and will be happy to answer your questions regarding this opportunity.  Please contact David H. Schwartz, (877) 777-4727 or e-mail me using David@EquityOptionsUSA.com  

Warm Regards, 

David H. Schwartz
The videos presented are EquityKey products offered by EquityKey.
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EquityKey Introduction
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